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Title Stroke Unit treatment room Certification

관리자 | 2013-02-07 09:44:20

Multidisciplinary system of Cerebrovascular Center: Neurology, Neurosurgery, Rehabilitation Department.

”Professional nurses taking 24 hours intensive care of acute patients"


Chungnam National University Hospital (director Song Si Heon) were certified with 'Stroke Unit treatment room'. Evaluation results were organized by stroke unit Society : 'Stroke unit treatment room foundation support and certification business' are valid from upcoming September 1, during 3 years. Stroke unit treatment room certification system requirements (conditions): facilities and space; operating guideline; operating status; monitoring function; attraction and organization; education program; thrombolysis Status (condition); early rehabilitation status (condition) were examined by rigorous documentation review and site visiting in Korean Stroke Society stroke unit treatment room's establishing support and certification Committee.


Relying(according) to this certification, neurologist Song Hui Jeong responsible person for Stroke unit treatment room said: " By achieving Stroke Unit treatment room certification, hospital obtained recognition in providing fast and high-quality medical services to stroke patients" also he said: " We will try our best to provide stroke patients with systematic and collaborative system".


On the other hand, Chungnam National University Hospital in the past year opened Cerebrovascular disease center in Daejeon area, activated interdisciplinary system for effective medical treatment of brain diseases and got good response from the patients. Received best grade(rating) in Stroke patients treatment propriety(adequate) evaluation. In 2010 also received recognition for excellent stroke treatment recently established by Ministry of Health and Welfare, and HIRA.


*What is the stroke unit treatment room certification agency

For healing(treating) stroke patients, it meet requirements determined by Korean Stroke Society and can provide acute patients with best(optimal) care(treatment). Also its approved institution by Korean Stroke Society.

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