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Title Yanbian University Hospital (Yanbian Hospital) hold friendship and cooperation agreement ceremony.

관리자 | 2013-02-07 09:44:53

Chungnam National University Hospital (director Song Si Heon) held agreement ceremony in Hospital's Office to promote mutual friendship and cooperation, academic interchange relationships. On this day Chungnam National University Hospital director Song Si Heon (송시헌) and Yanbian University Hospital director Kim Cheol Ho (김철호), Chungnam National University Hospital chief of medical affairs Shin Hyen Dae (신현대), Yanbian University Hospital vice president Kim Young Duk (김영덕) and other major delegates attended agreement ceremony.


In accordance of agreement both sides planning to promote collaboration and patient exchange; education and research mutual cooperation and staff exchange; mutual interests sphere lectures and holding seminars, varied mutual agreement improvements and accompany developments.


After closing agreement ceremony Yanbian University officials took a look at Neonatal Intensive Care room, Surgery room, not yet opened rheumatic department and degenerative arthritis center, Daejeon Medical Rehabilitation Center.

Chungnam National University Hospital director said: " Im glad that we formed collaboration with Yanbian University and I expect that we will reborn more than, business partners, as close collaboration". Also Yanbian University Hospital director Kim Cheol Ho said: " I believe it'll be helpful to equipment and technology improvements of Yanbian areas, which lagging behind from rest domestic areas"

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