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Title 40th anniversary celebration Opening

관리자 | 2013-02-07 09:45:38

Chungnam National University Hospital (director Song Si Heon) was helding "Chungnam National University Hospital 40th anniversary Opening" on July 2 at 16.00 in the 5th floor auditorium in "Health Care Center for Seniors" building.


The Event was held in following sequence: National ceremony and hospital ethics readings, presenting certificates, commemorative speech etc. And certificate awarders are: "30 years of service Facilities Division (Construction Division)" beside Lee Hwan Moo (이환무) chief 13 more persons. "20 years of service Hospital Amdinistration" beside Seo Gyong Won (서경원) 26 more persons. "10 years of service Family Practice Faculties(residents)" beside Jung Jin Kyu (정진규) 39 more persons. Also excellent employee and excellent department commendation, friendly employee and model(example) employee commendation, customer service Star awards were announced(presented). In additon Chungnam National University String Quartets performance, SUPER NURSES, CNE1 and various shows took part in event.


As Chungnam National University Hospital has reached its forties, even if Medical competition will be extreme (intense) and there will be continuous changing in surroundings director Song Si Heon urged that he/she will actively take part in developing hospital with steady, creative and reformative attitude(mind) for even brighter Chungnam National University Hospital future.

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