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  • The pediatric professionals are responsible for the diagnosis and treatment for various diseases that may appear in children.
  • Established since 1972, the Chungnam University Hospital pediatrics department has shown remarkable quantitative and qualitative development. Since the late 1980s, detailed subcommittees and care expertise were retained. Currently, this pediatrics department is subdivided into 8 levels:
  • respiratory/allergy
  • immune/kidney
  • nerve
  • neonatal/metabolic abnormalities
  • cardiac
  • endocrine/digestive
  • blood/tumor department
  • genetic diseases

During 1998, Seoul National University Children’s Hospital and Chungnam University Children’s Hospital were completed. Chungnam University Children’s Hospital became ta revolutionary institution with comprehensive and systematic patient/child-centered hospital. Until today, Chungnam University Hospital produces more than 60 pediatric specialists serve the local community as well as across the country.

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