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  • Neurosurgery is a field of research and treatment of the human body's nervous system and it is responsible for the surgical treatment of cerebra vascular diseases, which include cerebral hemorrhage, cerebral aneurysm, and central nervous system.
  • The central nervous system entails brain tumors, spinal cord tumors of the brain and spinal cord trauma.

A person's nervous system is very sophisticated and complex. Small lesions, or minor damage to a person's nervous system can lead to serious disability. Therefore, people seek renowned prestigious hospitals, with world class neuro-physicians. Since the opening of this department in March 1973, it has produced 48 highly qualified and successful neuro-physicians.

For more specified and in depth diagnosis and treatments, six specialist subdivisions were created for intensive research, care, and surgery. This department is also very involved on a national and internationally vigorous academic level. This enables the department to share the latest treatment techniques and makes it possible for approximately 70 neurosurgeries per year.

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