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Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine


  • Anesthesiology injects inhalation, anesthetic, and intravenous anesthetic to patients scheduled for surgery or emergency.
  • It conducts specialized departments that carry out under general anesthesia or anesthesia only operations.
  • Always strive to do our best in the care of the patient ‘Anesthesiology’

Along with the opening of the Chungnam National University Hospital in 1972, Anesthesiology has been made steadily the quantitative and qualitative advances. Currently in operating room, intensive care unit and operatory pain seven faculty members and 16 people resident care patients.

There are operating rooms, 11 hospital rooms, children's wards, two day-care rooms. Surgery is being performed for various conditions than 13,000 in a year. Outpatient pain care unit which opened in March 1990, Anesthesiology is responsible treatment after the surgery, pain management, and treatment various end-stage cancer patients, pain management and chronic pain patients.

Anesthesiology organized treatment of the patients in the intensive care unit and respiratory therapy ventilator in an intensive care unit (ICU). Since the first specialist provided in 1979, Anesthesiology is engaged in a variety of medical fields. Until now, Dr. 25, Masters 60 people were provided. Anesthesiology does their role in the effort to the operating room, ICU, and pain therapy room.

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