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Family Medicine


The department of family medicine performs comprehensive and continuous care for the family unit as a common disease without limitation of gender, age and long-term strain. Department of family medicine is the study which provide a continuous and comprehensive care for families.Ongoing medical means that department of family medicine is responsible for health problems in sickness and in health, at any time from occurrence of the disease and the continuous responsible from occurrence of the disease until the health is better.

Comprehensive health care refers to the range of medical care provision in common disease regardless of age, gender. Family medical means analysis and treatment Family-centered rather than individual patient-centric for an illness or problem.

Residency training of Family Medicine includes a wide range of clinical practice which is Common disease-oriented, through information about family dynamics, family functioning, family resources and major clinical training. Therefore Department of Family medicine comprehensively assesses and manages the patient and the home of several common health-related problems.

In addition, Department of Family medicine manages drinking, smoking, obesity, stress, lack of exercise for disease prevention for health promotion. Chungnam National University Hospital Family Medicine opened in July 2000. In 2004 Family medical provide for the first time specialist, current there are two faculty and 11 residents. The current job of the Department of Family medicine is done in Department of Medical Ambulatory Health Promotion Center and Medical Center, Chungnam National University Department of Family Medicine (yousung) in a variety of activities. Health promotion and disease prevention, and early diagnosis is mainly operating in the Health Promotion Center. You can receive the most appropriate care about Disease found in the comprehensive screening as soon as possible. Contributing to the promotion of health, the Health Promotion Center is responsible especially as patient education and exercise prescription exercise care unit. The department of Family Medicine’s outpatient care is mainly undifferentiated, complex health problems or symptoms (symptoms do not clear). Family medical promote and continue to manage the problem (lifetime health care) applicable in multiple areas, such as drinking, smoking, obesity, physical activity. Family medical is responsible for other geriatric screening and physical examination and in 2003 Chungnam National University Health clinics reorganized faculty, residents extended care centers.

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