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Emergency Medicine


The department of emergency medicine provides rapid emergency care to patients who visited the emergency symptoms or incidents. Chungnam University Hospital has the best facilities and equipment in the central distinct and medicine specialists care patients 24 hours a day.

The department of emergency medicine is open 24/ 7 for emergency evaluations, management, treatment, and prevention for any unforeseen illnesses or injuries. Risk patients regardless of gender, age, ability to pay will be helped and supported by this department.

The department of emergency medicine has numerous functions:

  • professional and prompt emergency care for acute conditions to help save the patient’s life and/ or restore a patient’s condition
  • it is an organized system controlling the intake and output of patients
  • the medical system is completed by the department of social organization and emergency medicine’s organic combination
  • emergency medicine is responsible for central role of tasks
  • it performs early detection and treatment of life-threatening situations

The emergency medical professionals cover specialized courses in emergency medicine in detail. Subjects covered are:

  • resuscitation areas (cardiac resuscitation, trauma resuscitation, pediatric resuscitation)
  • clinical emergency medicine (elderly emergency, pediatric emergency, emergency sports)
  • emergency medical systems sector
  • mass disaster areas
  • clinical toxicology
  • environmental emergency
  • social emergency.

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