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Site Plan

Main Building

Site Plan
1st Basement Pharmacy, Staff Restaurant, Nutritive Room, Medical Record, Mr.Wang(Chinese food), Dajungwon(Korean food), Misoya (Japanese food), Labor Union, Mechanical Room, Electric Room
1st floor Acceptance and Reception, Administration Department, Medical Expense Judge Office, Main Injection Room, Dermatology, Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery, Neurosurgery, Orthopedics Surgery, Nuclear Medicine Department, Radiology, Radiation Reception, RadiationImage Room(1~7), 1st CT, 2nd CT, PET/CT, 1st MRI, 2nd MRI, Family Mart, Hana Bank, Tous les Jours, Bonjuk, Internet Zone, Medical Stores Shop
2nd floor Internal Medicine Department(Respiratory Organ, Kidney, Hemato-oncology, Endocrine Metabolism, Infection),Rehabilitation Medicine Department, Neurology, Plastic and Reconstructive surgery, Urology, Psychiatric Department, Family Medicine Department, Dental Department, Training Room for Diabetes, Endoscope Room, Pathology Department, Laboratory Medicine Department, ECG Test, Echocardiography Test, Cardiac Function Test, Cardiac Stress Test, PFT Room, Clinical Education, Clinical Trading Auditorium, One-Stop Supporting Center, Bio Bank, Electron Microscope Room, PK-Room, Clue Collection Room
3rd floor Daily Surgery Center, Main Surgery Room, Anesthesiology, Main Supply Room, 1st ICU
4th floor Ward41(Kidney Internal Medicine), Ward43(Respiratory Organ Internal Medicine), Ward45(Neurosurgery)
5th floor Ward51(Surgery), Ward 53(Digestive Organs Internal Medicine), Ward55(Surgery)
6th floor Ward61, 63 (Internal Medicine), Ward 65 (Hemato-oncology), Hospice Palliative Care Ward, Marrow Translation
7th floor Ward71, 73 (Orthopedics Surgery, Ward75(Plastic and Reconstructive surgery, Urology)
8th floor Euirimgwan (Intern Lodging), Mechanical Room

Children`s Hospital

1st Basement Medical Information Center, Medical Engineering, Clinic Exercise Analysis, Laundry Room, Mechanical Room, Electric Room, Nursing Education
1st floor Acceptance and Reception, Family Mart, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pediatrics, Child Psychiatry, Artificial Kidney Room(Peritoneal Dialysis Room), Child Image Room,Child Injection Room, Child Physical Therapy, Child Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Development Evaluation
2nd floor Ophthalmology, Otolaryngology, Molecular Cell Room(Laboratory Medicine), Blood Separation Room, Ward27(Ophthalmology)
3rd floor Child Surgery, Newborn Infant Intensive Care Center, Delivery Room, Ward37
4th floor Ward47(Pediatrics), Hospital School
5th floor Ward(57 Obstetrics and Gynecology/Otolaryngology)
6th floor Ward67(Mental Health Medicine Department)

Emergency Care/Senior Health Care/Regional Cardio Cerebrovascular Center

2nd Basement Parking Lot
1st Basement Emergency Treatment, Internal and External Medicine, Ophthalmology/Otolaryngology/ Obstetrics and Gynecology Checkup, Operating Room, Cleaning Room, Emergency CT, 3rdMRI, X-RAY, Hyperbaric Oxygen Room, Meeting Room, Emergency Medicine Staff Room, Doctor Night-duty Room, Nurse Office, Cast Room, Guardian Waiting Room, Guardian for Critical Patient Waiting Room, Emergency Acceptance and Reception
1st floor Outpatient: Rheumatism Clinic, Stroke Clinic, Cardiac Clinic, Rehabilitation and Musculoskeletal Clinic, Lifelong Health Clinic, Senior Endocrine Clinic, Senior Urination Disorder Clinic, Senior Mental Health Clinic
Test Room: Exercise Tolerance Test, ECG Test, Echocardiography Test, Cognitive Function Test, CBF Test, Active Blood Pressure Test, General Image Room, Therapeutic Exercise, Occupational Therapy, Combined Emotion Therapy, Hydrotherapy, ADL Room, Thermoelectric Therapy, Child Muscle Therapy, Preventive Management Center
2nd floor Regional Cardio cerebrovascular Center, Emergency Test, Blood Bank, CardiovascularAngiography, Cerebrovascular Angiography, Blood Vessel Modeling, Daily CAG Patient, 82 Ward(Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery, Circulatory Internal Medicine), Senior Health Medical Center President, Administration Room, Senior Health Social Business,Volunteer`s Office, Case Management Center of Assist Device for the Disabled in Daejeon, Training room Family and Nurses room, Seminar room, Conference Hall, Public Healthcare Office
3rd floor Emergency Critical Patient, 2nd Critical Patient, Cardiovascular Critical Patient, Ward83(Emergency Ward), Ward13(Rehabilitation Medicine Department)
4th floor Stroke Intensive Care, Ward84(Neurology), Ward14(Infection Internal Medicine, Senior Ward)
5th floor 1399 Emergency Medical Information Center, Auditorium, Seminar Office, Electric Room
6th floor Heliport

Daejeon Regional Cancer Center

1st floor
(Cancer Treatment)
Breast Cancer Clinic, Thyroid Clinic, Acceptance desk and Reception
2nd floor
(Cancer Management)
Digestive Organs Internal Medicine, Blood Cancer Clinic, Tumor Clinic, Lung
Cancer Clinic, Hospice Room, Education and Marketing Room, Acceptance desk, Reservation and Reception, Seminar Office
3rd floor
(Multiphasic Health Promotion Center)
Endoscope Room, Large Intestine Image Room, X-ray Test, Stomach and Large Intestine Image Room, Bone Density Test, Breast Image Room, Ultrasonography, Checkup Document Analysis
4th floor
(Multiphasic Health Promotion Center,
Cancer Screening)
Multiphasic Health Promotion Facility, Acceptance, Judgment Room, Ophthalmology, Clue Collection Room, ECG, Lung Function Test, Exercise Prescription, Cancer Screening, Cancer Registration, General Health Screening
5th floor
(Cancer Research)
Cancer Research Facility, Clinical Medicine Laboratory, Clinical Test Center

Clinical Instruction Research Building

1st Basement Radiation Oncology, Tomotherapy Center, Linear Accelerator, Catholicism Room, Christianity Room,Buddhism Room, Mechanical Room, Electric Room
1st floor Professor`s Office, Call Center, Weight Room, Health Management, Specialist`s Office
2nd floor Cancer Research Room, Internal Medicine Test, Internal Medicine Line Test, Animal Test, Endocrine Cell Biology Laboratory, Professor`s Office, Specialist`s Office, Professor`s Office
3rd floor Professor`s Officeand Test Room
4th floor Professor`s Officeand Test Room
5th floor Professor`s Officeand Test Room

Funeral Hall

2nd Basement Incense Room, Reception (Incense Room8~10, Special Room)
Send Off Ceremony of the Dead, Kitchen, Lounge, Chapel of Rest, Dress Room for Burial, Monitor Room, Autopsy Room
1st Basement Incense Room, Reception (Incense Room 1~7), Funeral Goods Store (Counseling Office), Cafeteria, Management Office
1st floor Information

Daejeon Regional Rehabilitation Hospital / Rheumatism and Degenerative Arthritis Center

3rd Basement
(Facility Office)
Parking lot (91 Cars)
2nd Basement
(Facility Office)
Parking lot (85 Cars)
1th Basement
Food Court, Convenience Store, the Disabled Aid Production Office, Pharmacy
1st floor
(Outpatient Service)
Outpatient Service, MRI, CT, Robotic Treatment, Fluoroscopy Image Room, Interpretation Room, PACS, Combined Treatment, Ultrasound, ESWT, CARM, WHIRL POOL, Electro diagnosis Room, Therapeutic Exercise, Thermoelectric Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Blood/Urine-gathering Room, ADL Room, Joint Rehabilitation, Pharmacy, Administration Department
2nd floor
(Inpatient Service)
Hydrotherapy, WHIRL POOL, Lymphedema Therapy, Thermoelectric Therapy, ADL Room, Occupational Therapy, Wryneck Therapy, Hearing Evaluation, GYM, Exercise Analysis, Motor Skills, Therapeutic Exercise, Biomechanics Research, Test Room, FES, RTMS, Breath Rehabilitation Therapy, EMG, Development Evaluation, Clinical Psychology, Speech Therapy, Cognitive Therapy, Child Occupational Therapy, Child Physical Therapy, Child Speech Therapy, Laboratory Medicine
3rd floor
(Surgery Service)
Operating Room, Recovery Room, Critical Patient Room(Sickbed 12), Main Supply Room, Auditorium, Administration Room
4th floor
(Convenience Facilities)
Rehabilitation Garden, Herbal Garden, Professor`s Laboratory
5~7th floor
(Ward Department)
Ward(Sickbed 152, 157)

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