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Parking lot guide

When you enter the hospital parking lot, the automatic dispenser will issue parking ticket.
From entering, the parking fee is free for the first 30 minutes(After the first 30 minutes, 300 Won will be charged for every 15 minutes)

You can get a certain time of free parking in case that you get seal on parking ticket from the relevant offices.
Free hospital parking area : Eujeonwon parking lot in front of Chungnam Office of Education (3 minutes away from the hospital)

Parking charge

Parking charge
Condition Charge Method
Outpatient 4 hours Free Bar code on Receipt
- Emergency Room
- Critical Patient Room
- Operating Room
- Artificial Kidney Room
- Nuclear Medicine
- Laboratory Medicine
6 hours Free - Bar code on Receipt
(Artificial Kidney Room, Nuclear Medicine Department, Laboratory Medicine Department)
- Hospitalization Card
(Emergency Room,
Critical Patient Room)
- Nurse check on parking ticket
(Operating Room)
Inpatient guardians 4 hours
(once a day)
Free Bar code on the issued pass
2 department treat per 1 person 8 hours Free Bar code on receipt
Reservation patient 4 hours Free Bar code on receipt
The Bereaved
(5 cars per one mortuary)
Until the coffin leaves Free Bar code on the issued pass
Condoler 2 hours Free Bar code on the issued receipt
Day time Within 30minutes
(15 minute intervals)
According to parking hours
Night time 18:00~24:00 1,000 Won According to parking hours
24:00 until he next day 07:00 1,000 Won
Official business When official business is conducted Free Day: General Affairs Department(Free passes are distributed)
Night: Relevant department check
Men of merits Pertinent hours 50% discount According to parking hours

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