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Hospitalization/Discharge Guide

Hospitalization Procedure

Hospitalization decision

Receive a Hospitalization decision letter from the nurse and take it to the Acceptance desk

Hospitalization process

Submit the Health insurance card, medicine card and hospitalization decision letter to hospitalization window. They will issue hospitalization receipt and guardian`s parking ticket.


When you submit hospitalization receipt to the relevant department, a nurse will inform you about your schedule and personal items you might need during your stay.

Hospitalization reservation

If you could not enter the hospital on that day as a walk in, make a reservation to come back again.

Discharge procedure

Discharge notification

When the medical attendants or doctors are satisfied with the patient’s recovery, a nurse will notify the patient about his/ her discharge.

Receive the fee

The patient should wait in the ward while the Administration department completes the discharge notification. Thereafter, receive the fee at the discharge window


Give the receipt to the medical attendant, who will explain about the medicine and treatment.

Discharge documents

Hospitalization receipt
Get the hospitalization receipt form at the main building at the hospitalization window and check the name of a disease with medical attendant. The patient should then receive a stamp from verification window.

Medical certificate

After the patient gets the medical certificate from medical attendant, stamp the seal at the window in the main building on the 1st floor

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