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Emergency care guide

Hospitalization Procedure

Treatment hours

The Changnam National University Hospital is open annually, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.Please feel free contact us at 042-280-8114


Submit health insurance card for acceptance and fill in the treatment application form.


When the patient submits the filling receipt and treatment card to the nurse, a medical attendant will determine if the patient needs to be hospitalized further or if the patient can be discharged. The hospital will provide emergency care depending on the patient`s condition.

Discharge and Reception

After being discharged, the patient can pay the hospitalization fee at reception. The patient should call the hospital for a follow up appointment.


A medical attendant will issue hospitalization decision letter to the patient. The patient will be hospitalized on completion of the form and the process at the Acceptance desk.

Return home

After receiving prescribed medication, the patient may return home.

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