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Multiphasic health promotion center


With accumulated experiences, reliable professors and detailed medical devices, diseases can be detected quickly and efficiently. High technological detailed medical devices such as PET-CT, MRI, MRA, Colonoscopy, CBF echo and Cardiac echo can offer shorter waiting time and convenient medical examinations.

How to make an appointment

  • The patient should make an appointment before coming to the center.
  • To make an appointment call: (042) 280-7878
  • Appointments can be made for weekdays, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Types of Comprehensive medical testing

Basic examination

Basic examination
Comprehensive test for 20~30s Basic tests to indicate how a patient can improve his/ her health
Comprehensive test for 40~50s To detect and diagnose cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and osteoporosis which frequently occur in the middle aged group
Comprehensive test for the elderly aged 60 years or higher Submit your health insurance certificate and medical treatment request to the main building at the Acceptance desk. Receive treatment at the relevant department with an issued treatment card and filling receipt.
To diagnose senile diseases for 60 years or higher

Optional Testing

For a more comprehensive and detailed test result, the patient can take an in-depth optional examination about the patient’s specific illness. The patient’s age, gender and family history will be required for this comprehensive test. An additional fee may be added accordingly.

Process after receiving test results

  • Make an appointment for counseling: patients should visit the hospital one week after examination, and have consultations with medical professionals about the examination result.
  • For patients who have difficulty in visiting the hospital, counseling via mail and phone is available.
  • For patients who have been identified to have a disease, insurance covered medical treatment is available.

Necessity of comprehensive medical testing

Most diseases can be completely cured and/ or prevented if they are diagnosed early, therefore testing for various deceases on a frequent basis and by obtaining a healthy and balanced life style is important. Various adult diseases have been increasing due to harmful environments such as stress, irregular diet, fatigue, environmental pollution and insufficient exercise, thus the necessity of regular medical test has been increasing. If disease is detected too late, treatments might not be effective which can lead to long-term suffering and huge medical costs.

In Korea, the elderly population has been rapidly increasing as Korean society enters into aging society. We strive to educate the Korean society to understand that one does not need to be old and sick, but that with with the right mind set, healthy life style and positive attitude, one can live a long, happy and fulfilling life.

Symptoms of who should take comprehensive medical testing

Symptoms of who should take comprehensive medical testing
Frequent exhaustion Pale skin Depression Easily short-winded Numb legs and arms
Lack of appetite Headaches Nausea Frequently thirsty Irregular pulse
Fast weight loss Vertigo Emesis Back head dizziness Constipation
Feeling weak Dizziness Upset stomach or stomach ache Frequent urination Frequent diarrhea
Frequently getting cold regardless of season Icterus (yellowing of the skin and the whites of the eyes) Easily getting bored and/ or nervous Family case of dying fatal disease  

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